Glow Road App Download 2023

Glow Road App Download 2023 :

Glow Road App Download 2023 : In this post, we will talk about such a business idea from which we can start sitting at home without any investment and earn good profit.

Friends, at present, if it is a matter of earning money, then everyone takes interest and if this money can be earned sitting at home, how good it would be and today we are telling you about one such business.

You can start this business from your mobile and earn good money sitting at home, you do not need to invest any other kind of it.

In this post we are going to know what is GlowRoad,

What is GlowRoad App?

GlowRoad is an Online Reselling Application or Reselling Platform. With the help of which you can earn money from your mobile sitting at home.

What is Reselling Business – Reselling is a type of business in which a lot of goods are bought in bulk and sold later for more money.

In this business, you do not have to make any kind of investment and you do not have to go to buy or sell any kind of goods. All you have to do is find customers and take orders with the help of your smartphone.

After that they have to set their margin and place their order on GlowRoad. Next, we are going to give you complete information about it in detail.

How to create account on GlowRoad

The process of creating an account on GlowRoad is very easy, you can complete the easy steps given by us to create an account.

First of all open the GlowRoad App in your mobile.

Click on the option of Get Started.

Now select your sim from which you want to create an account.

That is, enter your mobile number from which you want to create an account.

After that click on Send OTP and enter the received OTP.

After doing all this, you will reach the dashboard of GlowRoad App.

After that you can setup your profile by clicking on the option of My Account.

Some of the main features of GlowRoad

Talking about the features of Glowroad, when you open the Glowroad App, you get some options on the dashboard.

At the top you get the search bar where you can find out about the product by entering the code of any product or you can also find the product from the photo by clicking on the camera.

Top Picks – Here you get to see the top and best products of Glowroad.

Categories – Here you get different categories of all the products.

My Shop – By clicking here you can create your online shop on Glowroad.

Earn – Here you can watch many videos related to earning money from Glowroad and clear your doubts.

My Account – Here you get many more options which are mentioned below.

How to create your online shop on GlowRoad

First of all you have to open the app.

Now click on My Shop below on the dashboard.

Now you will get the option of Create Online Shop below, click on it.

After that you can write any good name of your shop.

Allow the customer below for WhatsApp Contact.

After that, your online shop gets created as soon as you click on Create Shop.

You can share your shop link on social media.

You can manage your shop by clicking on Manage Shop.

Benefits Of Online Shop

By creating an online shop, you can increase your sales 10 times.

Online Shop looks professional.

And customers see you as an e-commerce shop owner.

You can save your time by creating an online shop

Because the customer can directly buy the product of his choice by entering the address.

You do not even have to pay any charge to create an online shop, that is, it is absolutely free.

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How to earn money from GlowRoad

Now if we talk about how to earn money from GlowRoad App, then for this you can select good products from your GlowRoad App and share them on the social media platforms mentioned above.

After that, if someone likes your shared product, then he will contact you and can place his order by taking some of his information like name, number, address, pincode and email.

While placing the order, you can add your margin as much as you want to keep and after that the order will be delivered to your customer in 7 to 8 days.

So after 2 to 3 days you get your margin in your bank account but for this first you have to update your bank details in Glowroad App.

How to update bank details in Glowroad.

Open Glowroad App.

Click on My Account.

Click on My Bank Details.

Click on Bank Detail.

Enter your Bank Details.

After that click on Save.

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